"Populated, as it is, by arcane germinations - as usual mostly fertile as wondrous expressive pretext -, Elena Morizio's work is not only, nor merely, a meticulous carving of the enigmatic surface of mirrors: it appears as a matter of fact instead a frenetic climbing towards the highest and pure spiritual peaks.

In such territories insist her preferred inclinations, of this young and talented artist: the pantheon philosophy, the psychology that turns into prophecy, between enchantments highly imaginative and remote truths, through complex paths of the mind, often even extrasensorial. It amazes, in the "evocative art" of such an artist, the inner depth that characterizes the gradual consolidation of her subjects: a lyric tension that flows in the air or in a halo sine tempore (without time).

Entities, then, more than figures, the ones that she makes, or fading connections with them, as if they were back to life through suggestive, symbolic appearance.

Comes into mind The Little Prince by De Saint-Exupéry: «One sees well only with the earth. The essential is invisible to the eye.» To the eye for sure but not into mirrors, where, if you're able to feel how much is already inside them, it wouldn't be difficult to reveal it and give it a form so that it would be visible to all.

This is the instruction that Elena Morizio gave to herself, picking up the baton from the hands of her mentor, Lorenzo Ostuni. Between these different horizons in which whirls uncertain lots of presumptive contemporary art, hers is for sure authentic expression of soul, as charming as blooming."

Critic and art historian Giovanni Faccenda. Venice, Italy, October 2016.


"A very sensitive artist, endowed with extraordinary engraving skills, who has made mirrors her field of research and choice. She inherited a rare technique from the late Maestro Ostuni, which she knew she could refine over time, obtaining astonishing results. Her chosen themes are varied, but are woven together by a consistent thread using symbols; a deep search for meaning far beyond what they appear to be. The subjects that emerge to the surface, as if by magic, inevitably engage the viewer and virtually take them by the hand on a journey that leads from the visible to the invisible, into the realms of the soul, towards the boundlessness of the conscience.

Gifted with this unique artistic ability, she is the author of refined compositions, worthy of the Italian Renaissance tradition but at the same time open to the suggestion of contemporaneity through a process of stimulating continuity between the past and the present, between a feeling of antiquity and a breath of modernity. Each piece is the result of assiduous, constant and tenacious effort that demands maximum concentration and precision.

We are faced with a truly unique art-form that, in the presence of existing works which are often serially and mass-produced, claims the uniqueness and exclusiveness of each result achieved. In the landscape of Italian art, Elena Morizio is to be considered a true talent that deserves to be recognized beyond national borders so as to enhance the authenticity of her work, where, within the mirrors, symbolic objects - both ubiquitous and archaic, reveal the reason to be and to exist."

Critic and art historian Lorena Gava.Treviso, Italy, May 2017.



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