The following works are part of a myrrors’s system, not completed yet, dedicated to Lorenzo Ostuni that is freely ispired by his prayer "Come in My Heart". The prayer consists of 33 verses to each of which corresponds a mirror.

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

The Hands of God as The Author of The Creation."Come into My Heart and We’ll Make Life Together."

God, who Is both mother and father, male and female, yin and yang.
The male hand up, the female hand down.
From a single egg everything was born.
Through the Light.

The Cosmic Egg Myth: in all the five continents we find creation myths that attribute the formation of the world to the Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg is the symbol of the cosmological myth of the creation of the universe.


Life. "Come into My Heart and We’ll Receive Together Life."

We are One with the entire Universe.

A fetus’s heart, human shell of a new Soul arriving, beats in unison with the no-time clock of the Cosmos.

Everything borns, dies and re-born again.

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter


Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

The Cumaean Sibyl’s Cave. "Come into My Heart and We’ll Blow Together Communication."

The cave was one of the most revered sanctuary of the antiquity. Artificial tunnel of the Greek-Roman era realized, according to most sources, between the tenth century b.C. and the fourth century b.C. Located in the city of Cuma (Naple) near the Averno Lake, this cave is identified as the place within wich the Cumaean Sibyl, priestess of Apollo, carried out her oracular activity.
The Sibyl symbolizes the human being raised to the supernatural condition, that allows him to communicate with the divine and spreading its messages. She was considered emanation of the divine wisdom, as old as the world, custodian of the primitive revelation.

In this cave, the Cumaean Sibyl became the intermediary between the human being and God. This is the communication we have to remember, to awaken and to recapture : the dialogue with our deep, true, immortal and divine ‘I’, that is no more than God within us.


Consciousness. "Come into My Heart and We’ll Conspire Consciousness Together."

Consciousness: from the Latin “cumscire” which means, ‘to know together’, originally indicated the specific inner state of an individual; an awareness that the subject has of itself , of the outside world with which it relates, of its own identity and of all of its inner activities.
In philosophy, consciousness represents an inward focus, and the return to consciousness, or meditation on onself, is the privileged instrument which grasps the fundamental truths which remain otherwise inaccessible.

Portrait: Indigenous of the Yanomami tribe (Venezuela-Brazil), currently one of the most threatened tribes on the Planet.

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter


Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

Divine Mercy. "Visit My Soul and Together We’ll Intimate Compassion."

The original image and the source of inspiration for this engraving is a painting from1934 by the artist E.Kazimirowski, under the guidance of sister Faustina Kowalska. Sister Kowalska, during deep periods of prayer and meditation received instructions from Jesus for creating images by which men and women could receive mercy.
Compassion and mercy are deeply interrelated, mercy is an emotion generated by compassion for one’s suffering, physical or spiritual.

Further inspiration for the engraving comes from the prayer verse “Come in My Heart” by Ostuni. The verse speaks of compassion; whoever contemplates and cultivates compassion will receive the same from the merciful eyes of Christ.


Peace. "Visit My Soul and We’ll Ignite Peace Together."

In most cultures of the world, the white dove is symbol of Peace. It is associated with the uncontaminated purity, to innocence and peace of heart and spirit. In the Bible, the dove returned to Noah’s Ark with an olive branch, announcing the end of the great Flood and so symbolizing man’s reconciliation with God. The dove has become the world symbol for pacifist movements; pacifists are often referred to as "Doves".

The dove represents the incarnation of the ethereal, subtle and useful principle of the man’s spiritual elevation.

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter


Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

Rebirth. "Descend into My Being and We’ll Drink Together to Rebirth."

According to greeck mythology.
Isis and Osiris, children of the sky and the earth, were brother and sister, and later lovers.
Osiris was God of Death and of The After Life and he enlightened humans by teaching them agriculture.
Osiris presided over the ‘psychostasi’, the weighing of every soul after death.
Isis was the Goddess of magic, of motherhood and of fertility.
According to myth, Osiris was killed by his brother Seth. Isis recovered and assembled her lover’s body parts, bringing Osiris back to life and to a rebirth. For this reason, they together symbolize the eternal return, the eternal rebirth.
The cross in the background: the Ankh is an ancient egyptian symbol of life. Isis has one in her hand, signifying the new life she is giving to Osiris.


God’s Light. "Descend into My Being and We’ll Dive Together into The Light."

And God Said "Let there be Light!", and there was Light. Genesis 1:3
Light is the primordial essence of univers and all life and movement comes from It. Is the vital and dynamic force of nature. Kabbalah
"While you have the Light, believe in the Light that you may be The sons of Light."Jesus
"We born from Light, we live in Light, we die in Light. We are made of Light. Everything is made of Light. Science will understand this after a long journey." Osho
"Light heals life because restores the being where it had failed."L.Ostuni

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter


Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

"Come in My Heart and We’ll Paint Together Comprehension."

"There, in the heart of those forests between the Virunga Mountains and the mountain gorillas, far from all you know and all you have been taught by school and books, by poetry and music, you find peace, affinity, harmony and security." from the movie Istinct

The mountain gorillas. Noble creatures, respectful of their fellow and the environment that gives them life and nourishment. The concepts of domain and destruction do not belong to them. Each gorilla leader is able to sacrifice his life to defend his family. We, the human beings, share with them the 98% of our DNA. But they have not forgotten who they are, they have not lost their way.

"Who encounter the look of a gorilla, intelligent and vulnerable, can not remain indifferent because the distance between us and them disappear; we understand that that creature still lives within us." G.Scheller - Naturalist and conservationist

If this is real, i hope and believe that the gorillas within us can be a help to remember and understand that we are nothing more than part of what surrounds us and not human beings with the right to destroy the world we belong to, and inevitably, ourselves. We should understand that returning to the origin, we could give us a future.


"Descend into My Being and We’ll Light Faith Together."

The Lakota Sioux SunDance.
There’s a field in the prairies. There, where the grass is lulled by the wind like waves in the sea, is put up a tree, chosen and cut the day before the cerimony by the head of the Dance. The prayers are tied above the tree, and they consist of little bags containing tobacco. Drums are playing, songs are ascending to the sky.
From the day after, the Dance begins and in that tree, God is manifest. The sundancers will dance for four days, from sunrise to sunset. Neither water nor food. They will pierce their chest, tying their body to the tree through a rope. In that moment, the spiritual soul bond happens. Their thoughts, their prayers, fears and desires are danced, sung and raised to the sky.
I took part in the Dance during the summer solstice in 2011. I was lucky to meet God in this form of prayer. A humble, noble and pure form. These people still remember our connection with Nature. Nature as God’s manifestation. And i never forget that they have suffered the greatest genocide in history. A genocide that few remember and talk about.

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter


Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

"Visit My Soul and We’ll Stipulate Together The Innocence."

Young man’s hands that offer a lotus flower to a child, innocence symbol.

Will we be able to end the suffering caused to children by man?

Will we remember and recognize their innocence and purity? And the lost and forgotten innocence and purity of the child inside us?


"Come in My Heart and We’ll Dissolve Together the Power."

All the aspects of the human behavior related to the myth reflect the desire to grasp the essential reality of the world and the origin of things that is the center, the absolut starting point when the world and man were created. In the symbolic language this point is imagined as a vertical cosmic axis located in the center of the Universe, that crosses the sky, the earth and the underworld.
The image, very old, is spread all over the world in the form of pillar, axis or ... Tree. The Axis of the World or cosmic Tree, mediator between the earth’s depths and the sky’s heights. The cosmic Tree, as the path followed by Christ, Buddha and Maometto to fulfill their ascent to sky. The cosmic Tree as pillar of fire, as spiritual and intellectual lighting symbol. The cosmic Tree as micro-representation of the Univers. The cosmic Tree and its wood, used for the fire and so associated to the smoke that rises to the sky; the wood also as raw material for the craftsman, and so connected to the theoric and practic knowledge and to wisdom.The fire, that has origin from the Tree and gives life to the light; the light that dispels the night’s darkness.
The wood as one of the archetypal elements constituent of cosmos and life, together with fire, water, air and earth.
All this explain how vegetal life doesn’t reveal just a succession of “births” and “deaths”. It is thanks to the spiritual vision of life that is possible to decipher other meanings in the vegetation’s rhytm and in the physical form of its elements. Meanings as the idea of regeneration and immortality; “the Tree doesn’t become just a model for men, but his most remote ancestor, his own origin.” from “Mythology of Trees” by M.Eliade
The cosmic Tree. In all this lies its power and its value in our experiential journey as souls in a human form.
Its value and its power, today insulted and private of respect, and to whom we should resort.
There was a time when man lived so much in harmony with trees and in contact with the divine inside them, to be able to recognize the origin of the Universe in every tree. The Tree, manifesting its sacredness and power, helped man to remember and recognize the power and sacredness inherent in him.

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter


Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

"Come in My Heart and We’ll Paint Together The Truth."


"The aboriginal myths about creation tell of legendary totemic creatures that during the DreamTime have traveled the continent far and wide singing the name of everything they encountered - birds, plants, animals, rocks, wells - and with their singing, they had made the world exist." from "The songlines" by B.Chatwin

Even today the Australian Aborigines realize enchanting and magical paintings that, through symbols, tell stories related to that distant time, the DreamTime. With humility and perhaps without the right, i have decided to tell a dream.
A dream and probably a utopia, but certainly a hope and a big truth, according to what my heart feels : We are all One. We are one, one essence. Not be aware of this, causes chaos, loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear. Some of the current ills of this world. So, i don't tell a dream already existed, but i use the symbology of this millennial people to tell a dream that can shape one day the reality around us. In the dream is told of the heart of every man, of his awakening, of his remember the only truth that from that day nobody would never forget: "Everything is one. Our ancestors, our grandchildren yet to be born. Life that is everywhere." - Astralian Aboriginal
The seven concentric circles represent our planet according to the seven continents model. The circle in the center represents the original One from which everything derives. Each continent and being that is part of it - animal, vegetable, human - originates from the one and to the one is connected and bound. Thus, each continent is bound and connected to the other, through the water.The water and its symbolic and sacral importance. Religion, philosophy and art entrust to water a primary role for the very existence of every spiritual manifestation.
The water as creation, source element of the world, primordial womb and source of life in a constant duality between good and evil. The water as transformation, synthesis between death and rebirth. The water that washes away the sins. The water that purifies. The water that revives man.


"Visit My Soul and We’ll Sing Together Freedom."

The Jews and the Exodus : "Then sang Moses and the children of Israel this song unto the Lord, and spake, saying, I will sing unto the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously .. .The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation." Exodus, chapter 15 The Jews and the Holocaust : A train towards death. But that train, out of time and engraved on a mirror, rides the freedom track and travels on the ground that saw the light, while the sea's waters rise towards the sky. That sea which was ground, trampled by men led by Moses, and which was sea again. The only journey that the Jewish people would have to face, as it was in the Exodus, it should have been the one towards freedom. Not towards the annihilation of the human being, not towards the end. Towards the hatred, the blindness, the chaos and the forgetfulness. But so it was. Evil saw nothing through its own eyes and in the eyes of every dying, filed and undignified man except what evil believed right for an unreasonable reason. It wasn't able to see in the other's eyes naught but itself. I love to imagine this train, as a train led by the majestic waters's music, along the freedom track. I wish and believe that every man who is and will, can have the right and the courage to be free. Free to exist, free to know and recognize himself and herself, to love and be loved, free to choose. Free to sing himself and herself and his/her choice upwards and to the whole world.

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter



Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

"Come in My Heart and We’ll Choose Together the Energy."

We are Energy. Light, and Love. Not just body. There is an energy and light field around us, called Aura, container of our emotions, of our experiences, of the all story of each human being. The field is the storyteller of our karma and soul. This field is hardly visible to the naked eye (easier for a developed and particular sensitivity), and it surrounds and permeates the physical body. It is part of the universal energy connected with each of us. The field has the ability to remind us who we are. And who we are towards the other, towards all that exists. Our field interacts with the field of everything and of every living being. This is the proof of "All is One". This is the proof that we're more than simple dust. A field imbalance will always as psychological and physical desease. Take care of our soul, using the language to which it belongs to, the energetic language, means to heal it and consequently to heal the body. The latter is made of light and energy as the soul. We can do it. We can recognize that energy. Remember it. Choose it. Making this choice, we can recognize our real energetic and soul composition and start from there. The body is nothing without soul. If we don't analyze the disease as a whole, if we don't heard it within the globality of our body-soul system, the disease can't disappear completely. Here resides the western medicine error, to not consider the whole we consist of. Scientifically speaking .. Quantuum physics affirm that the matter ( made of atoms and molecules ) around us interacts with light through an ongoing exchange of energy, the quanta ( an energetic quantum is produced when an electron within an atom jump from a lowest to a highest energy level. Light, that is the set of electromagnetic waves originating from the sun and the cosmos, is made of particles, the photons, whose energy forms the quanta of the light itself. In the 50s the biophysicist Popp discovered that the cells of our body exchange, absorb and emit energy in the form of biophotons ( -bio- because regards the libing beings ), that is light particles developed by our DNA. This would prove that our body emits light and the latter composes it, together with energy. Biophotons emissions are indispensable because they regulate the cell growth and regeneration; they also control the biochemical processes. Without light and energy, life wouldn't exist.



"Come in My Heart and We’ll Shape Wisdom Together."

The Paleolithic Goddess. Original discovery site : Basilicata (Italy). The Goddess and all that concerns her. "The mistery of human, earthly and universal life, death and regeneration. She, who was and is the unique source of all life, assumed the energy from the headwaters, the wet ground, and from the sun and the moon. The ancient world of the Goddess was made up of a social order on which women benefit the central role as leaders of clans and priestesses. The ancient Europe and almost all world communities were gylanies (social structures where there's gender equality), as anthropologist studies affirm. Balanced systems, nor matriarchal neither patriarchal, with a developed agricolture and big architectural, sculptural and ceramist traditions. This lasted until the 3000 b.C. when Indo-european populations, with anger, hatred, war, violence transformed the ancient Europe culture from gylanic to androcratic, from matrilineal to patrilineal. The 5000 years of male domination still permeates our lives, but a new wind speaks of an inheritance never dead inside us. Originally, there was a gylanic consciousness. A peace world, in harmony with Nature's creative energies. As the water shapes the stone, let the Goddess smooth, soften, shape and lull your soul with her cloak, awakening the wisdom inside you. A millenary wisdom. Gylany. Wisdom is gylany. Harmony. Balance. Respect. Lack of judgement and violence. Equality. Union.

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter



Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

"Come in My Heart and We’ll Free Together Love."

In the inner core of each of us, rotate 7 energy centers : the chakras, "swirling intersections of life force. They constitute together a completeness formula that connects mind and body, matter and spirit, past and future, sky and earth. Chakras are the archetypes components of consciousness, and they reflect individually the different aspects (essential for our life) of the consciousness itself. Chakras are activity centers for the reception and assimilation (from outside) and transmission (from the inside of our body) of life energy." There's a continuous interaction between the life energy emitted and transmitted by chakras and the one emitted and transmitted by the external environment.
"What we generate defines much of what we receive ! Chakras dwell within our incorporeal psychic body but they intertwine also with the physical body within wich they correspond to the major nerve ganglia that protrude from the spine and to the glands of the endocrine system." This is the reason why it's believed that chakras (each of which corresponds to a particular area and to particular organs) generate the shape and behaviour of our body. The latter, is often stagnant as our mind's mechanisms : this is due to our fears, to the limits we create within ourselves and to the repetition of old patterns (connected also to previous lives) that accompany our life and that define the shape and the content of our chakras. We can overcome all this through a deep cleaning and rebirth that has to occur within the entire chakral system and so resonant in all our being leading to a deeper understanding and expansion of our consciousness.
Love, mirror's theme, lives in the fourth chakra above the sternum and corresponding to the Heart, to the lungs, to the solar plexus, to the pericardium and to the thymus gland. Here lives Love, as the meeting point of the whole chakra system. Inconditional, compassionate and free Love that radiates everywhere and creates unity between the forces above and below, between the forces inside and outside. The fourth chakra symbol, contemplated by the couple in the mirror, is constituted by 12 petals (chakras are usually called also "lotus" from the sacred indian flower. As these flowers, chakras can be opened or closed depending on our state of consciousness. Each one is symbolically composed of a certain number of petals and symbols within them. The fourth chakras's petals surround two triangles intersecting forming a six-pointed star : this symbolizes the descent of the spirit in the body and at the same time the rise of the matter towards the meeting with the spirit. The result of this unity is the balance. In the lower part of the star there's an antelope depicting freddom. In the center of the chakra there's the Shiva's seed, and up in the right part of the mirror there's Shiva and Isvara, God of unity."
Shiva and Shakti. "According to te hindu mythology, the universe is created by the combination of these two deities.Shiva is the male principle, the inactive divine potential, the pure consciousness unmanifested and formless. Shiva is the one who removing the shape reveals the consciousness. Shakti, the female counterpart, is the creation and the mother of the universe. She is the one who created Maya, that veil that is no more than our illusory reality within which we live. She is the shape. She is what is manifested. However, Maya is not the consciousness, but its projection. Each deities can't live without the other."Thanks to their unity, their dance and their eternal hug, Shakti will be able to create the universe only through the Shiva's seed. So, Shiva's consciousness will be able to descent and permeate the universe only through the unity with Shakti.
Shiva and Shakti both exist within each of us and thanks to them we have the possibility of enlightenment from Maya's veil; thanks to them we can live following our personal freedom and reaching our consciousness's realization, experiencing our rebirth and finding the balance within us and with the other. The two deities are like two streams of energy : the downdraft moves from the pure consciousness until the manifest plane while the updraft leads to the personal freedom, freedom from the veil and from the limits. But both the streams are essential. We are here to manifest ourselves and rise to the top, expressing our essence and reaching high and global states of being, always wider. However, we have to adapt ourselves to some limits and to establish forms and boundaries." In this way, we can realize the balance of the two streams, the balance within us, and reach Love. As between Shiva and Shakti, the balance will consist of understand that the other is my mirror and i am her/his reflection too. The shape of my being will be defined by the look of the other on me. Her/his consciousness and mine will be able to raise and expand thanks to the eternal dance and the eternal hug that will join us forever. The balance, to exist, will bring us to set limits wich will never hinder the personal freedom that is no more than our unique and personal way of expressing our divine essence and at the same time the way to rise towards that place from where we originated. Sources : "Chakras" by Anodea Judith
Love is mutual aid. Is crration and consciousness, together. Is the freedom to expand and express the most of what we have inside.
"In a relationship, the fundamental question that you will need to ask yourself will be : next to this woman, next to this man, can i live the gratest expansion of my personality or not? From what you will answer, descends the Right Decision. The rest is silence." Lorenzo Ostuni


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