Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter


Consciousness: from the Latin “cumscire” which means, ‘to know together’, originally indicated the specific inner state of an individual; an awareness that the subject has of itself , of the outside world with which it relates, of its own identity and of all of its inner activities.
In philosophy, consciousness represents an inward focus, and the return to consciousness, or meditation on onself, is the privileged instrument which grasps the fundamental truths which remain otherwise inaccessible.

Portrait: Indigenous of the Yanomami tribe (Venezuela-Brazil), currently one of the most threatened tribes on the Planet.


Portrait of NorthAmerican Indigenous Face.

""We, the indigenous people, will never forget that man is part of nature.
If we harm nature, we harm ourselves.
We know how to protect the forests. Give them back to us, before they die."

"I was born to work with the forces of nature. You know only the forces of money and arms. Your consciousness and wisdom is different from ours. Our way is the only way to save this world."

Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter


Engraving on Mirror
60cm of diameter

Lorenzo Ostuni (1938 - 2013)

""Every human being has received as a gift, a Love’s key, which needs to be inserted in order to enter into the Infinite. I would like to know, one by one, all the earth’s human brothers and ask them : “which is your Key? Are you inserted it?” I don’t know how many would answer positively. But if just one person would answer “i don’t know”, i would be available and give my life to help that person find his still unknown key."

Lorenzo Ostuni was able to read the Soul of every person who crossed his path, as if it were his own soul. He had a rare sensibility.


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